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Students in South Africa working on an assignment

Green Shoots: Enhancing Maths teaching strategies in South Africa

Guest Author: Jenny Rickard

“You are seeing that your learners are not understanding, but there’s no way that you can go back to make things right,” said Bulelwa Gqotso, a teacher at Bongolethu Primary School in the Western Cape of South Africa.

This quote from Bulelwa illustrates what many classrooms in South Africa experience due to a lack of resources. Bulelwa struggled with the tools, time, technology, and data needed to effectively teach her Maths learners. Particularly, she lacked easily accessible learning data to guide her instruction. As she shares in this video, “As a teacher, it’s not only learning what your learners know. It is knowing what it is that your learners do not know.” Her current setup was making it was difficult for her to see who was excelling, and who was falling behind.

As part of our support for classrooms around the world, we have partnered with Green Shoots to help teachers in South Africa get the personalized learning data they need to better guide their learners. Through partnerships with Education Districts like Bulelwa’s, the Green Shoots technology delivers blended online Maths assessments with real-time learning analytics.

lllustrated in a dashboard, the teacher has immediate access to assessment performance and Maths exercise practice tools that align closely with South Africa’s CAPS curriculum. This ensures students are mastering the appropriate Maths skills for their age and grade, while also putting technology to a constructive use in the classroom.

The Green Shoots programme has had a strong impact of Bulelwa’s class, and the learners’ excitement around Maths. Watch the video above to learn more about how the assessments and insights provided by Green Shoots are changing her classroom.