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10,000 Degrees students smiling together in front of a Mural

10,000 Degrees Creates Pathways to Help Students Meet Education Goals

The student population of community colleges continues to grow, and the need to provide stronger degree completion pathways for students within these institutions is becoming essential.

Most community college students work hard to transfer to a four-year institution and achieve a bachelor’s degree. However, many face barriers including academic advising, enrollment services, financial assistance, and collegiate institutions with inadequate transfer services that can prevent them from achieving their dream.

To help students meet their educational goals and obtain a four-year college degree, 10,000 Degrees offers renewable scholarships, help with financial aid management, peer advisory group meetings, career advising, workshops, and internships. It also provides a bridge program to help students transition from two-year to four-year institutions and offers other resources to promote college persistence.

I was lost because I had no guidance, but after being a part of this organization, I gained people who actually cared and saw me through to my success.

Bilqis Askari, 10,000 Degrees Alumna

Today, 10,000 Degrees serves 12,000 students each year. The students are three times more likely to transfer to and graduate from four-year colleges. And 80% of 10,000 Degrees students earn a bachelor’s degree, compared to just 31% of their peers nationally.

By giving students the ongoing support they need to finish college and earn a degree, 10,000 Degrees is not only helping students transform their lives but also the lives of their families and community members.

Foundation Project Lead