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Austin Community College improves career pathways

Project overview

Austin Community College (ACC) is helping more local students earn an associate degree through its new Career Scholars program. The initiative trains students in high-demand industries for the region, including healthcare, manufacturing, information technology, and skilled trades. In addition to supporting this work, we partner with ACC to prepare more students for a successful transition to a four-year institution.

How it helps

More than 150,000 families in Central Texas are living on low incomes — and many face barriers in earning credentials for the jobs that could make a difference. Our partnership with ACC equips historically underrepresented and underserved populations for careers that are in high demand regionally.

The Austin Metro-Area Master Community Workforce Plan shows that Central Texas will need to fill more than 60,000 middle-skilled jobs through 2021 in key industries. By providing targeted training and comprehensive support to ACC students, we can open the door to these opportunities for more people in our region.

A proven model for ACC Career Scholars

For more than 16 years, we have walked alongside students from low-income backgrounds on their journey toward a degree as part of our Dell Scholars program. We know the importance of individualized support that goes beyond financial aid — students also need wraparound services to navigate the various challenges on the road to graduation.

ACC’s Career Scholars program incorporates this insight into its model to keep students on track for college success.

Foundation Project Lead