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Story: COVID-19 India

ClassKlap App Launches Live Classrooms to Meet Student Needs in India

COVID-19 Project Overview

Building on efforts to meet students and teachers where they are through an easy-to-use app, ClassKlap launched a new feature in response to COVID-19 school closures: live classrooms.

ClassKlap integrates textbooks, training plans, assessment data, and more to equip teachers of grades K-8 and improve student learning outcomes. Now, affordable private schools in India can use the tool to help children learn at home in virtual classrooms with live and pre-recorded options. Keeping the remote classroom, educational content, and parent-teacher communication all in one place makes it easier for students to stay on track in these circumstances.

My learning app from ClassKlap takes care of my entire education from home.

ClassKlap Student User

How it Helps

Rapid school closures in response to the coronavirus pandemic affected more than 140 million students in India, and many of them could not transition to online learning. ClassKlap is offering its live classroom solution to ensure students, parents, and teachers have the resources they need to continue moving toward their goals.

By leveraging technology familiar to its existing users, ClassKlap is easing their transition to online learning. The tool already provided students, parents, and teachers with an app tailored to their specific needs — that experience is the same with the live classroom add-on. More than 200 schools serving 43,000+ students offer the new feature to support families and educators.

The Live Classroom Experience

A child logs in to school for the day, clicking on his first class and entering a virtual classroom with digital textbook and assignments at hand. A mother opens her ClassKlap app to message her daughter’s teacher, asking advice for facilitating learning at home. A teacher checks his attendance report and reminds students who missed virtual class about where to find the recording to catch up. These are some of the ways ClassKlap users benefit from having all their educational resources in one place.

ClassKlap built its live classroom feature to address common remote learning barriers like insufficient internet data, the inability to attend class at a specific time, and the lack of a tablet or computer. Students can use any device for live or pre-recorded classes, which have a low data requirement. And teachers can use the assignment tracking and assessment tools to understand each learner’s progress and intervene when necessary. Amid the challenges and disruption created by the global pandemic, such functionality is crucial to helping every child get the education they deserve.

Foundation Project Lead

Stronger Together: Our COVID-19 Response

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