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A young man in India completes schoolwork using an electronic device.

ConveGenius: Improving student outcomes through emerging technology

Project overview

Affordable, quality education is key to breaking the cycle for families living in poverty. However, 90 percent of students in India in grades K-10 are below grade level in literacy and numeracy. Students in government schools and low-fee private schools are typically two to three grade levels behind. With very large classes and limited resources, many teachers aren’t equipped to provide the individualized learning needed to fill these gaps and help students advance.

ConveGenius is tackling this challenge by empowering teachers with student-level, actionable data to individualize instruction in resource-constrained environments.

How it helps

Multi-grade, multi-level teaching is commonplace in classrooms across India, especially in government and low-fee private schools. Overstretched teachers struggle to help their students on the individualized level many need.

The ConveGenius platform understands the learning needs of a child, and customizes the content accordingly. The Children themselves can see how they are performing and it motivates them to keep doing better.

Preeti, Teacher at Ssrishti Learning Centre

As we address these education gaps, there is a growing need to focus on tech-driven models. Ed-tech platforms can expand and scale opportunities for low-income students, giving them access to a high-quality education.

ConveGenius approaches this challenge by providing schools with a technology-based solution that empowers teachers with actionable student data — and the ability to individualize instruction by meeting students where they are helping them advance learning outcomes. Students access the ConveGenius program on tablets during the school day to receive lessons geared to their individual learning levels. They are then able to advance at their own pace. Through real-time assessments, teachers can ensure students are not getting left behind. And students can re-learn concepts as needed until they have mastered the material.

To date, ConveGenius has reached more than 540,000 students across 16 states in India to bridge learning gaps and improve education outcomes.

Foundation Project Lead