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A future physician walks on the campus of UT Austin after attending Dell Medical School's Health Sciences Summer Camps

Dell Med Health Sciences Summer Camps: Inspiring future health leaders

Project overview

Patients increasingly want to receive care from providers who come from their communities and understand the complex factors that may be affecting their health. Currently, the healthcare profession suffers from a pipeline problem, with a shortage of qualified students from underrepresented groups entering the medical field at all levels — from EMTs to certified nurses, physician’s assistants, and doctors. This makes it challenging to meet growing patient needs and expectations.

To combat this, we must inspire the next generation to be curious about careers in healthcare. Each year, Dell Medical School’s Health Sciences Summer Camps expose kids to opportunities in the health professions — and help them to better understand what it will take to get there. Through hands-on science experiments and interacting with health professionals from all fields, we encourage students to pursue careers that contribute to health transformation.

How it helps

The Michael & Susan Dell Foundation supports Dell Med’s work to build an increasingly diverse pipeline of health professionals in Central Texas. Students from traditionally underrepresented groups are often unaware of the career opportunities that exist in the healthcare field. They may lack the educational opportunities needed, even at the middle and high school levels, that can help lead them on the path to those careers. This results in a shortage of healthcare providers with cultural competencies that are key to building trust — and to addressing health disparities.

The summer camps take an immersive experiential approach, with a focus on a team-based and community-based care model. Students earn hands-on experience in the lab, and learn from subject matter experts in various health and science fields.

Along the way, we share the tactical steps to help campers map out the right academic path to reach their ideal career. By offering immersive STEM experience for middle and high school students, the camps inspire them to see themselves in health and science careers and seize future opportunities.

Dell Med’s Health Sciences Summer Camp made my dream a real thing. I’m going to be a doctor, in my community.

Gabriella, Dell Med Health Sciences Summer Camper

The Dell Med Health Sciences Camps inspire future health leaders to pursue careers that contribute to health transformation and community health.

Foundation Project Lead