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Two Enlabeler Data Labelers reviewing materials together and smiling.

Enlabeler: Data Labeling with Purpose

Project Overview

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) is growing in a variety of sectors, sparking the need for more data annotation models assisted by specialists globally. While the need for trained annotators is increasing, it’s often challenging for young people from underserved communities to access these entry-level earning opportunities due to a lack of training, finances, and social connections.

By providing skills training, mentorship, and access to hardware and connectivity to young people – Enlabeler is helping to bridge the gap between young adults who are eager and ready to work, and the global market need for data annotators or data labelers.

Far beyond just annotating, the Enlabeler team teaches us other valuable skills that I will definitely need to use one day.

Avile Bible, data labeler

How it Helps

Projects and companies leveraging AI and machine learning rely on accurate data to successfully train the data models. Data annotation specialists – individuals who turn unstructured data into high-quality data that the models can consume – play a critical role in improving the accuracy of these models. Enlabeler uses technology combined with “humans in the loop” to solve data problems for their clients across the globe.

The company provides African youth with access to earning opportunities as data annotators on their flexible-working platform by:

  • Welcoming individuals who pass an entry test no matter their background, work experience, or qualification levels
  • Offering the ability to work remotely, reducing the need to spend or access transportation
  • Providing flexible working hours, opening doors for those with childcare or family commitments
  • Offering access to computer hardware and internet connections for those near the labeling hubs

Enlabeler works to ensure the opportunities they provide to youth are meaningful and commits to its labelers through:

  • Training: professional development that focuses on critical skills, like attention to detail, that builds the foundation for future employment.
  • Earning: Project-based earning opportunities, allowing young people to contribute to the economy and their families.
  • Experience: On-the-job experience that prioritizes both personal and career growth.

Enlabeler has more than 1,200 labelers on its database in South Africa, with new labelers signing up each month as local and global companies continue to need their services. The labeling team currently works across industries like agriculture, infrastructure, green economy, retail, and banking. Labelers also work on transcription and translation projects, specializing in African languages and accents for the African market.

Foundation Project Lead