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Financial Health Pathways helps pave the road to financial freedom 

Financial Health Pathways is a community-centered organization focused on improving the financial health of Texans.

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Financial Health Pathways



Organization Lead

Lourdes G. Zuniga

Foundation Lead

Virginia Potter

With access to Financial Health Pathways’ education and resources, Texas families can increase their savings, strengthen their financial security, and advance the health and education of their children. 


To date, Financial Health Pathways has supported over 15,000 Central Texans by teaching them how to create a household budget, manage spending and reduce debt, implement a savings plan, and achieve financial goals like home ownership or sending a child to college. 

A 2022 survey found that well over half of Americans do not have enough savings to cover an emergency expense of $300 or more. To help people build an emergency fund and get into the habit of putting away money each month, Financial Health Pathways launched iSaveTexas. This innovative savings and matching program offers participants coaching sessions while matching their savings up to $200. 

In addition to working with individuals, Financial Health Pathways offers two additional levels of intervention for the community: they collaborate with nonprofit partners to include financial education in existing programs, and they advocate with policymakers to achieve equitable access to financial services and economic opportunities. The organization uses this innovative model to go beyond delivering education, working to remove systemic barriers and create pathways to economic security and ultimately financial freedom. 

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Meet Camila

Camila is a first-generation college student studying computer science at Texas State University, with aspirations to earn a master’s degree. 

As a client of Financial Health Pathways, she learned to save and budget for college and to build an emergency fund. With this foundation in place, she shares that the door is open to new possibilities: “I can see myself doing so many more things that I never thought were possible.” 


Financial Health Pathways’ collaboration with community partners includes award-winning financial justice programs that offer financial education as an alternative to fines for minor traffic violations, federally backed savings programs for residents of public housing, and advocacy for financial education in schools.  

Over the next few years, the organization plans to expand its Junior Academy program to include ten youth-serving institutions such as schools and summer camps, help more classrooms include financial education classes in their lesson plans, and grow its asset-building programs for adults.  

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The Financial Health Pathways Story

Financial Health Pathways' clients, leaders, and community partners share what financial health means and how it is helping strengthen individuals, families, and the central Texas community.