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First responders transfering for an inured person into an ambulance.
Story: Emergency Aid Israel

Magen David Adom Delivers Critical Emergency Services

Providing financial support for the life-saving efforts of Magen David Adom in Israel.

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American Friends of Magen David Adom



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Catherine Reed

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Sara Sherizen

Magen David Adom, Israel’s national emergency response organization, equips paramedics, EMTs, and other first responders with the training, equipment, and supplies they need to provide lifesaving emergency services to injured Israelis.


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Providing Lifesaving Care in Any Emergency

Magen David Adom (MDA) is committed to ensuring all Israelis have access to lifesaving emergency services, regardless of religious affiliation, language, socioeconomic status, or ethnic origin. Its extensive force of first responders is distributed across the country and experienced in providing care amid everything from automobile accidents to mass-casualty emergencies.

In the wake of the October 7 attacks, the organization activated all its 34,500 employees and volunteers, as well as its ambulances, Medicycles, helicopters, and other emergency vehicles. MDA also launched multiple blood drives and increased the supply of its breast milk bank for babies whose mothers were injured, killed, kidnapped, or called to duty. Since then, the organization has continued to operate at full capacity, with teams often working under fire to save the lives of fellow citizens.

Magen David Adom first responders care for a victim of the October 7 attacks.

Supporting Emergency Care and Humanitarian Relief

Since October 7, MDA has remained active round-the-clock and operated well above its normal capacity so teams can respond to all reported incidents and emergency calls nationwide. As the crisis continues, the organization needs additional support for medical equipment and ambulances to treat injured citizens and collect and distribute breast milk and blood donations.

To help ensure the organization has the vital resources it needs to continue its lifesaving work, our grant covers the cost of additional emergency vehicles, equipment, protective gear, and supplies medics need to provide emergency medical care and humanitarian relief.

Our teams continued to work under fire and while risking their lives, bravely and courageously, with the aim of saving lives in the best possible way.
Eli Bin MDA Director General

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Meet the Volunteers

Magen David Adom has over 30,000 volunteers providing emergency services to the people of Israel. Watch this video to hear why they volunteer.