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An employee of Agathiyan Industries works at his station. The company is supported by Kinara Capital.

Kinara Capital Loans Advance Small Businesses in India

Project Overview

Kinara Capital provides business loans in the range of $2,000-20,000 to support low-income microentrepreneurs in India. As a non-banking finance company, Kinara fills the gap between microfinance and commercial debt to help businesses grow and create jobs for young people living in urban poverty.

Kinara reaches two main groups: businesses of first-time entrepreneurs that employ 2-20 people, and small enterprises that employ more than 10 employees and receive work from microentrepreneurs. These types of companies often struggle to get a loan from banks and microfinance institutions because they seek a relatively small amount of money compared to other borrowers and can be perceived as high risk. Recognizing the important role of microentrepreneurs in addressing poverty, Kinara serves a large base of customers from six states in South India.

My business was going well but I needed more capital. We applied for a loan in many places but couldn’t get one. Then, I heard about Kinara Capital and got a loan in just three days!

Mahalakshmi, Kinara Customer

How it Helps

There are approximately 63 million micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in India. Ninety percent of these fall in the informal micro segment. Because these companies are underserved by banks and microfinance institutions, they are more likely to turn to local money lenders who charge annualized interest rates higher than 60%. 

Kinara offers an alternative to this debt trap: low-interest loans that give microentrepreneurs vital cash flow. By providing this support to companies, Kinara ensures the self-employed owners and their teams continue to earn a living wage and create pathways out of poverty.

Kinara’s Focus on Female-Led Businesses

Female entrepreneurs lead about 5% of the MSMEs in India, though this number is steadily declining. With MSMEs as the second largest source of employment in the country, it is important for their growth to be inclusive and equitable.

Kinara is committed to disbursing loans to female-owned businesses so they can continue building financial Independence and bringing new jobs to communities. In 2019, Kinara loans added more than 25,000 jobs and 50% of the positions were filled by women. As Kinara continues to grow and expand its impact, the team maintains a focus on serving female-led businesses throughout India.