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A Teach Plus change agent stands with a student

Teach Plus: Helping Educators Strengthen Teaching During a Pandemic

COVID-19 Project Overview

Providing high-quality instruction to K-12 students while also keeping them safe during COVID-19 is bringing new challenges to education for learners, parents, and teachers. It is difficult to serve all students regardless of whether they are in a virtual, hybrid, or in-personal learning environment. That’s why Teach Plus is offering teachers the chance to join its Change Agent Fellowship program. Through this fellowship, teachers across the country are collaborating with other teachers to share best practices, encourage one another, and work through everyday challenges that arise in this new teaching environment.

Participants in the Teach Plus Change Agent Fellowship meet through a video call.

Teachers need uninterrupted classroom planning and work time. I know [our project to provide] this will increase teacher attendance, teacher retention rates, teacher morale, and ultimately student academic performance.

Dr. Raymond Falcón, Change Agent Fellow

How it Helps

Teachers across the country are innovating to meet the needs of the moment and build strong connections with their students.

As a part of the Change Agent Fellowship program, Teach Plus is working with a team of teachers to solve challenges they face in education as a result of the pandemic. The teacher leaders identify the impacts and challenges their schools are experiencing with their current setup and lead their peers to solve problems for their specific student bodies. The teacher leaders grow and exercise their leadership skills among their peers, with the goal of facilitating school-based change.

Teach Plus assists their teacher leaders in leading teams within their schools to develop plans focused on the most common recent challenges including:

  • Recovery of learning loss
  • Support for students who have experienced trauma
  • Development of strong parent-teacher relationships
  • New technology and e-learning techniques
  • Preparing for potential subsequent waves of COVID-19 disruption

The development of these plans aligns with the organization’s belief that when teachers are empowered to take leadership roles in solving key issues, students succeed. Teach Plus supports 160 teachers on the frontlines of 22 schools with leadership skills and coaching to assist their peers as they work to ensure students can learn at their best.

Foundation Project Lead

Stronger Together: Our COVID-19 Response

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