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An Indian banking customer goes shopping thanks to accessible financial services

Each year, we will improve the financial stability of over 3 million low-income families globally by creating access to responsible financial services.

Financial services, such as loans and savings accounts, can help families care for their needs and seek better health and education for their children. Yet millions of low-income families do not have access to these services. We support credit and savings organizations that serve families living in poverty in urban India with financial inclusion.



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Low-income families in India face many barriers in accessing formal banking services. Many lack the information or assets necessary to sign up for services. Many others find these services too unfamiliar and challenging to use effectively. Together with our partners, we make it easier for families to access financial services so they can grow their businesses and save for the future.

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Family Economic Stability

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Each year, we will provide new career and job opportunities for over 250,000 low-income young adults globally.