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What We Do: Health

Health and Wellness

Students at Dell Med summer camp

Each year, we will improve the health and wellness of over 2 million children and their families across the United States.

Every child deserves the opportunity to grow up healthy. Because the social drivers of health like a family’s eating habits matter just as much as access to quality care, we collaborate with partners to help communities tap into a variety of resources that promote their wellness. This makes it easier for more families to care for their health every day.



Active Projects

$ 102 M

Active Commitments

Healthy Communities

In the United States

Our work addresses the social drivers of health so that we promote wellness instead of just treating illness. With partners, we look at how systems like education, workforce development, and others can better meet the health needs of the people we serve. This includes identifying barriers to health and finding community-based solutions. We also help families in Central Texas access high-quality prevention and treatment.

Healthy Food

In the United States

Good food is a foundation for good health. We work with partners to help families fill their shopping carts with healthy groceries. We also support schools and other community institutions that provide nourishing, delicious meals. We make nutritious food more available in a way that is sustainable, affordable for families, and fits within existing health systems.

Our Health and Wellness Team



Quality Schools

Each year, we will create opportunities for over 5 million low-income students globally to attend high-quality schools.


University Success

Each year, we will help over 350,000 low-income students globally earn university degrees.