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A young indian woman working at a computer for supported Jobs and Livelihoods

Each year, we will provide new career and job opportunities for over 250,000 low-income young adults globally.

Having a job and earning an income can help people break the cycle of poverty. But everything from child care to training is harder to get when you’re poor. And that makes it hard to find and keep a job. We provide the support, training, and career development people need to overcome these barriers.


Active Projects

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Jobs and Livelihoods

In India

More than 350 million people between the ages of 19 and 35 live in India today. But the country’s economic growth has not created enough jobs for its growing population. We connect disadvantaged youth with career counseling and skills training to help them pursue better jobs and better lives.

Jobs and Livelihoods

In South Africa

South Africa has one of the highest unemployment rates in the world. We partner with organizations that help the country’s youth get the training, jobs, and incomes they need to thrive.

Our Jobs and Livelihoods Team

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Family Economic Stability

Financial Services

Each year, we will improve the financial stability of over 3 million low-income families globally by creating access to responsible financial services.