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Supporting a Safe, Vibrant Israel

Our work in Israel creates economic opportunities that help all Israelis improve their livelihoods as they rebuild their lives. Our goal is to build partnerships with on-the-ground organizations to create enduring pathways into the workforce and galvanize higher education through scholarships and technology. Our work also supports the essential medical, humanitarian, and mental health needs of Israelis who are navigating trauma.


Delivering Emergency Aid

Our efforts provide Israelis with vital medical care, essential humanitarian aid, and crucial mental health services. Through partnerships with on-the-ground organizations, we are procuring protective equipment, life-saving supplies, and rapid response kits. We are training the social workers and mental health professionals who are critical in helping communities navigate trauma and we are meeting the needs of Israeli families who have been displaced.

Our Support for Israel

Helping Ukrainians Resettle in Israel

Working closely with global Jewish agencies, we helped thousands of Ukrainian Jewish families escape war in that country and resettle in Israel beginning in 2022. We safely brought them across the Ukrainian border and flew them to Israel. Drawing on our partners deep experience helping Jewish families make “aliyah,” we provided shelter, clothing, meals, and other necessities, together with educational and job opportunities in their new country.

Our Jewish Community Work

Learn how our work creates connections among Jewish teens and young adults, invigorates Jewish life, increases safety, and combats rising antisemitism.

Jewish Community