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Student using a tablet in South Africa

With a drastic need for stronger education and jobs, people living in South Africa deserve opportunities for sustainable solutions that lead to better life outcomes.

South Africa spends one of the highest percentages of any country’s budget on education, yet student performance remains low. Just over half of children who start primary school will finish grade 12, with a similar percentage of university students on financial aid reaching graduation. There is a large gap between education and employer expectations, which makes it challenging for young people to find jobs — South Africa’s youth unemployment well exceeds 50 percent. The country’s plan to address these challenges creates a ripe opportunity to improve the lives of children and youth living in poverty.


Education in South Africa

While education spending has increased, student performance has not improved. Among lower income students, only one in 18 earns a university degree or certificate. To change this, we increase schools’ access to high-quality tools and data that can help teachers better meet their students’ needs.

Family Economic Stability in South Africa

More than half of South Africa’s young adults do not have jobs, giving the country one of the world’s highest rates of youth unemployment. We believe the path to meaningful work begins with opportunity. We partner with organizations to provide youth with job experience and support their ongoing employment.

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