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Science teacher with two students in the United States

Everyone deserves good health and a quality education.

Education and health are the keys to a lifetime of opportunity. Yet for low-income students and their families, these necessities are often out of reach. Unstable work, insufficient housing, limited incomes, and other barriers can stand in the way of a quality education or a healthy lifestyle. Together, we can create healthier and safer neighborhoods and improve school access, so young people can gain high school diplomas, college degrees, and have a chance at a brighter future.


Education in the United States

There is a deep learning gap across the country, with students of color and those from low-income backgrounds the furthest from opportunities to succeed. In K-12 education we aim to address this inequity by reimagining schools so they better match the needs of Black and Latino students. We also work to increase the number of diverse educators prepared to guide and accelerate learning. In higher education, we focus on building the support system that can help students persist through college and earn a degree.

Health in the United States

It’s exciting when a community can shift its focus from treating illness to promoting wellness. For this to happen, we need a variety of partners that span sectors working together to improve health and wellness.

Regional Communities

Community-based solutions are pragmatic and sustainable — we see that in our regional work in Central Texas and Greater Boston. Proximity to these areas enables us to build strong partnerships that affect community change and to share the responsibility of solving problems.

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