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Our Social Impact Goals

From the early days of the foundation, we haven’t been afraid to set big goals for ourselves. Our mission is about creating and accelerating human opportunity across the world — and that is work worth pushing toward.

Quality Schools

Quality Schools image

Each year, we will

create opportunities for over 5 million low-income students globally to attend high-quality schools.

Classroom Supports

Classroom Supports image

University Success

University Success image

Each year, we will

help over 350,000 low-income students globally earn university degrees.

Jobs and Livelihoods

Jobs and Livelihoods image

Each year, we will

provide new career and job opportunities for over 250,000 low-income young adults globally.

Financial Services

Financial Services image

Each year, we will

improve the financial stability of over 3 million low-income families globally by creating access to responsible financial services.

Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness image

Each year, we will

improve the health and wellness of over 2 million children and their families across the United States.

Pathways to Prosperity

Pathways to Prosperity image

Each year, we will

provide pathways out of poverty for over 500,000 low-income families in Central Texas and Greater Boston.