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College Possible’s Catalyze Keeps Students On Track for a Degree

Project Overview

For more than two decades, College Possible has worked to close the higher education divide by providing personalized college persistence support.

Launched in 2015, College Possible’s Catalyze program provides a proprietary coaching curriculum and intensive assistance to help students complete their degrees. Catalyze works with higher education institutions to develop on-campus near-peer coaching programs that support students through their college careers.

The program employs recent college graduates and AmeriCorps members. Partner schools can leverage College Possible’s AmeriCorps grant to hire members as coaches and receive assistance with recruiting, training, and managing new coaches. The program ensures students receive a minimum of nine one-on-one interactions with their coach each year. And, it provides schools with access to student monitoring dashboards so they can identify when a student may need additional coaching.

Our partnership with Catalyze was born out of our commitment to even the playing field for our students.

Lisa Holstrom, Assistant Dean of Arts and Sciences at University of Cincinnati

How it Helps

The Catalyze program extends the reach of existing campus resources so institutions can improve their student support. It helps ensure that all students have access to the same educational opportunities and success.

With the right support, students are more likely to reach their goal of receiving a four-year degree. With a degree, students can increase their lifetime earning potential by $1.2 million, break the cycle of poverty, and ensure economic security for themselves and their families. But without access to financial, academic, and social support, students are vulnerable to systemic challenges that can derail their college careers.

Today, the Catalyze program partners with nine institutions and serves 5,000 students annually. Partner schools have seen an average increase of 16% in student retention among first-year students and a 14% improvement in retention overall.

Foundation Project Lead