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Students work on their math skills in a South African classroom.

Where We Work

Across the globe, we invest in places where the need aligns with the impact we can make. Our local teams connect directly with communities to learn about their aspirations and struggles, collaborating on proven, practical solutions.

United States

In the U.S., we focus on improving access to quality education and health interventions for children and families. Opportunities in these areas create pathways out of poverty and lasting benefits for families living in underserved communities. College success programs, supporting K-12 schools to improve outcomes for lower-income students, and health initiatives comprise our main areas of impact in the U.S.

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Regional Communities

Community-based solutions are pragmatic and sustainable — we see that in our regional work in Central Texas and Greater Boston. Proximity to these areas enables us to build strong partnerships that affect community change and to share the responsibility of solving problems.

Central Texas

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Greater Boston

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With strong economic growth in India comes opportunities to improve job-oriented skills development, access to entrepreneurial work, and education quality. By partnering with social enterprises, nonprofits, governments, and other organizations, we create immediate benefits for low-income children and families while working toward lasting systemic change.

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South Africa

In South Africa, there is an urgent need to improve education and employment outcomes across all spheres of society. Our work leverages the country’s openness to cross-sector collaboration to positively and sustainably influence the lives of children and youth living in urban poverty. This includes our Dell Young Leaders program, through which 98 percent of participants have graduated from university with a successful job placement or further study.

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