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What We Do: Education

Quality Schools

Students Learning in India Quality Schools

Each year, we will create opportunities for over 5 million low-income students globally to attend high-quality schools.

School enrollment throughout the world has skyrocketed, yet the quality and consistency of education in many schools remains low. This means many students from low-income backgrounds are in schools that don’t serve them well. We focus on working with school systems to remove barriers for low-income students to attend high-quality schools.



Active Projects

$ 117 M

Active Commitments

Quality Schools

In the United States

To learn at their best, Black and Latino children need more opportunities to attend schools that provide equitable access to resources, are free from bias, affirm their identity, and value their life experiences. Our work includes tailoring school models to the needs of students and increasing the number of school leaders of color who can drive change. We also partner with organizations that empower student and family voices to redesign schools that better match their needs.

Quality Schools

In India

Although enrollment in India’s schools is quite high, learning outcomes continue to be poor. Students from different grades are often taught together in the same classroom, where it’s easy for them to get left out and fall behind. We use a variety of funding models to help transform India’s classrooms and give students from low-income backgrounds the quality education that’s right for them.

Quality Schools

In South Africa

Only one of 18 students in South Africa receives a post-high school qualification. We work with innovative partners to help children from low-income communities gain access to a higher quality education, beating the odds to secure a more prosperous future for learners and their families.

Our Quality Schools Team



Classroom Supports

Each year, we will support over 500,000 classrooms globally with high-quality tools, technology, and resources.


University Success

Each year, we will help over 350,000 low-income students globally earn university degrees.