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Indian girl writing on a chalkboard in a classroom

What We Do

We create opportunities in education, health, and family economic stability for children and families living in urban poverty. It takes time, hard work, and patience. But we and our partners in the United States, India, and South Africa stand firm, shoulder-to-shoulder with those we serve, in pursuit of lasting progress.



Millions of children from low-income backgrounds don’t have the chance to attend a high-quality school. For those who do, unique challenges remain, making it harder for them to get to and through college. We invest in closing these opportunity gaps so all students can pursue a quality education, providing a pathway to prosperity for them and their families.

Mother and daughter working with principal

Quality Schools

We collaborate with innovative organizations across sectors to facilitate systemic change and foster the growth of great schools.
Student using a tablet in South Africa

Classroom Supports

We empower educators with the information, tools, and skills needed to provide a positive learning experience for students that sets them up for success.

College Success

We provide students from low-income backgrounds with comprehensive, individualized support during their educational journey — from college preparation and completion to career placement or continued learning.


Every child deserves to grow up healthy. Our work is designed to make it easier for families to focus on their health by creating a system that promotes wellness and prevents illness  

Students at Dell Med summer camp

Health & Wellness

We focus on fostering world-class medical education and innovation, while ensuring families can access the highest-quality care and resources.

Family Economic Stability

To forge a path out of urban poverty, individuals need viable jobs and market-ready skills. Even the ability to save and manage money with basic banking services can make a huge difference for a family’s economic stability. Together with our partners, we connect people with career and financial services programs to help them build a better future.

A young Indian woman in skills training class

Jobs and Livelihoods

We invest in scalable, sustainable programs that provide career counseling, vocational skills, and other benefits to address the global shortage of skilled workers and a high unemployment rate for youth.
An Indian man signs up for affordable banking services

Financial Services

We help people build more financially stable lives by supporting credit and savings organizations working with the urban poor.