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Students line up in the hallway in an American public school.

Who We Are

At the heart of our work is the belief that everyone deserves opportunity. We are dedicated to transforming the lives of children living in urban poverty through improved education, health, and family economic stability. Explore our goals, principles, and commitments.

Our Principles Define Us

If it looks easy, look closer

The only way to solve the surface-level challenge is to address what’s happening underneath. Use your passion and skills to dig deep and find the roots of the problem.

Invest in people

Collaboration among unlikely partners amplifies impact. Find people who challenge your thinking and invest in them.

Take the risks your challenge deserves

Our greatest challenges require doing some things differently. Push the boundaries and be willing to take risks where others won’t.

Measure mindfully

Evidence is the only way to know whether you’re making a difference, but not all data is created equal. Always measure, but be smart about what you measure, and how.

Stay the course

Behaviors change slowly. Time is often the most important investment you can make. It’s going to take more than one try to make an impact, and it’s going to take more than one success to make a difference.

If it doesn't work, tell everyone

Your outcomes, both good and bad, are opportunities for others to learn and do better. We all win when we learn together.

Money alone doesn't solve problems

Money doesn’t solve problems, people do. A combination of talent, ideas, resources, and execution is the only way to create solutions that last.

This Is Worth It

No one ever said that creating lasting change was easy. The work ahead is incredibly challenging. When you see the real-world impact your work has made, you’ll know the effort was worth it.

Our Global Team Grounds Our Work and Our Culture




How We Fund

We Accelerate Opportunity for Children Growing Up In Urban Poverty.

What We Do