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Foundation for Excellence scholar Supreeta works in a classroom with her fellow students.

Foundation for Excellence: Investing in the lives of students in India

Project Overview

Foundation for Excellence (FFE) provides scholarships to academically advanced students whose financial constraints limit their potential. We partnered with them to support 400 underprivileged urban students with scholarships to help them pursue a college education in engineering, technology, or medicine.

Foundation for Excellence not only provided financial support, but they also guided and mentored me.

Supreeta, Foundation for Excellence Scholar

Overcoming barriers

There is a widely held view that college education in India is either free or inexpensive and, therefore, meritorious students could easily access such professional colleges without financial hurdles. Actual data shows this to be untrue.

First, the number of government colleges is nowhere close to the demand from students who are trying to get higher education.

Further, even in government colleges that are free or charge very low fees, a student needs to cover many other costs that all add up to a substantial amount and are often beyond the paying capacity of families that are economically disadvantaged.

There are too many students who will never have the chance to go to college. And that is simply too big of a price to pay.

Nat  Malupillai, Director, India Programs

How It Helps

Established in 1994, Foundation for Excellence provides college scholarships to financially constrained students in India who show great promise in the technological, engineering, and medical fields. To date, they have distributed more than $23 million and more than 57,000 scholarships to students in India, giving them ample opportunity to pursue professional education and careers.