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A young man watching a video on his phone.

Josh Talks Provides Inspiration and Upskilling for Indian Youth

Josh Talks is a content and upskilling platform which showcases inspiring stories of people from all walks of life, motivating Indian youth to pursue aspirational careers and equipping them with the skills to succeed.

Organization Info

Josh Talks



Organization Lead

Supriya Paul, Shobhit Banga

Foundation Lead

Prachi Windlass

Many young people have big dreams for the future. Josh Talks is an organization that provides not only the inspiration but the skills to help Indian youth bring their career ambitions into reach. 

Vision for the Future, and Skills to Get There

Founded in 2015, Josh Talks is a regional content and upskilling platform showcasing inspiring stories of people from all walks of life. Speakers from different parts of the country share their journeys through powerful stories of perseverance, motivating their peers to work toward aspirational careers. Users can also access the upskilling mobile app Josh Skills which focuses on teaching spoken English, a skill that is seen as a stepping stone to many aspirational careers in India.  

Using technology as a means for large-scale impact, Josh Talks has built the country’s largest network of inspirational channels on YouTube with more than 780 million views each year. With an active user base of more than 19 million subscribers and channels in 10 regional languages, the platform has proven its ability to reach the remotest parts of India. Since launching in 2020, the Josh Skills app has reached more than 300,000 users with a 30% course completion rate, compared to a 3-4% industry benchmark.  

Photo of student, Abhishek, sitting at a desk with his phone, smiling direct to camera.

Meet Abhishek

Abhishek moved to Delhi to pursue his Bachelor of Commerce and become a chartered accountant. To achieve his long-term aspiration, he needed to improve his English-speaking skills. When he came across the Josh Skills app, it provided the perfect opportunity. After just six months, Abhishek has gained confidence in speaking to his professors and others in his professional network. “The Josh app has helped me improve my English-speaking skills,” Abhishek reflects. “I see myself one step closer to my dream to be a finance modeler in a large business and sustain myself and my family.” 

Empowering India’s Young Workforce

With more than 66% of its population under the age of 35, India has the largest youth population in the world. While India has seen several tech-enabled job matching platforms, addressing the gap in skilling and mentorship for youth is crucial for enabling a productive workforce to propel the country’s economic growth. 

Over the past seven years, Josh Talks has built a large and loyal base of aspiring youth to upskill. This combined with an engaging skilling product has proven to be its biggest competitive advantage. 

With a target to expand its user base to 30 million subscribers and upskill over 800,000 youth in the country within the next two years, Josh Talks will play an instrumental role in empowering Indian youth to build careers that help them and their families move onto a pathway toward prosperity.