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A mentor with the Let's Get Ready program smiles at something off camera

Let’s Get Ready Expands Virtual Support for U.S. College Students

COVID-19 Project Overview

Let’s Get Ready is increasing the number of college students served by its virtual coaching model to support them through the added challenges of COVID-19 and help them stay on track to a degree. The program offers near-peer mentorship, deploying highly trained college undergraduates who mentor younger students.

Near-peer mentorship has made a difference in the life of Issa, a Let’s Get Ready student. The in-person meeting shown in the video above is representative of the virtual support available to students amid the pandemic.

Being able to connect with other first-generation college students makes them feel, you’re not alone and you have the support. It’s empowering.

Sufia, Success Coach for Let’s Get Ready

How it Helps

It’s hard to prepare for success in a time of so much uncertainty. While anticipating the long-term benefits of a college degree, students enrolling this fall certainly aren’t naïve to the challenges ahead.

But after months of social distancing, settling into in-person classes may feel intimidating. Or for those logging in remotely, attending college for the first time without stepping foot on campus or meeting classmates in person may feel isolating. Picking up extra hours at work, helping out at home, and focusing on school while dealing with the emotional toll of a global pandemic — it’s a lot to handle.

Through near-peer mentorship, students can see that they aren’t alone in their struggles. Their coaches are students just like them — just a couple years ahead! — who have successfully navigated those challenges and are trained to help others do the same. Let’s Get Ready students benefit from emotional support but also practical tips and resources. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the program will help students adapt to the ever-changing college experience to persist through college graduation.

A Proven Virtual Support Model

In the time of COVID-19, it’s easy to understand the value of a virtual program model — but this approach is nothing new for Let’s Get Ready. Each year, Let’s Get Ready helps 15,000 students get into, transition to, and graduate from college by providing them with personalized, near-peer mentoring support. With a flexibility that adapts to students’ busy lives, personalized coaching is just a text, email, or phone call away.

Amid the pandemic, Let’s Get Ready is expanding its two-way texting platform so students can ask questions and get real-time answers. They can also sign up for phone or video “office hours” to work through questions with a Let’s Get Ready coach or staffer.

Through individualized virtual support, Let’s Get Ready will ensure that at least 89% of its students persist into their second year of college.

Foundation Project Lead

Stronger Together: Our COVID-19 Response

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